Today is D-Day, digital day, a real landmark. I have finally made the switch from annalogue to digital photography. All my great gear has been sold on eBay, all my 6x6cm Hasselblad gear gone. But, replaced by a brand spanking new Hasseblad H3DII 50 meg digital camera; I am so excited!

I have been taking pictures and making films for 40 years and although many many people have seen my films on the TV, presciuous few have seen any pictures. I worked in a very large scale, making panaramic prints around 4 x 20 feet. Apart from a few exhibitions in Washington, D.C. the sheer size of these prints makes it diffiult them difficult to casualy show people.  I have decided to down scale the printing size and start a new chapter in my pohotgraphic life, one which I can share with friends and family. Those who know me are well aware of my technical views on the merits of film over digital image capture (I have mainly been using medium and lareg format film cameras all my life, from which the negatives have been scanned in a high quality drum camera before being printed digitaly) The images produced by the Haselblad range of digital cameras have changed my mind, and now I am looking forward to working with the digital capture medium.


~ by mudgey1 on February 21, 2009.

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